Pensky Martens Flash Point Tester




EIE-FP93-3 Touchless Automatic Pensky Martens flash point tester, product of EIE Canada, employs the most advanced design concept and method through years of onerous research and test. It improves the automation of the flash point tester to the maximum extent, which can guarantee the measurement precision and minimize the adverse consequences resulting from the operation’s negligence.
This instrument can be widely used in petroleum, power plant, aviation, shipping and research department or industry.


ASTM D93-2010 A B & C, ISO 2719:2002 A B & C, GB/T 261-2008
Ignition Automatic gas or electric ignition with gas flame monitoring
Heating system Heater bar
Temperature Measurement Pt 100 probe class A
Measurement Range 30°C to 400°C
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Measurement Accuracy +/-0.5°C
Repeatability Meet the ASTM D93, GB/T 261-2008
Stirrer Touchless automatic stirring, speed adjustable
Barometric Pressure Correction Built-in sensor to automatically detect and correct the value to 101.3 KPa
Flash Detection Thermal
Display 7-in color LCD touch screen
Data Capacity Store more than 500 results
Printer Built-in thermal printer with auto/manual option
Data Access To LIMS via RS232, USB, Wifi
Voltage AC 110 - 230V +/-10% 50-60 Hz
Cooling Method Forced air
Heating Rate 5.5°C/min , 1°C/min or User defined
Calibration calibration data stored for later access
Power Usage <700W Safety Fire Detection High sensitivity flame ion detector Fire Extinguisher Built-in Fire extinguisher system Cover open/close testing fatigue test: more that 2 billion times Ignition monitor flames detecting and anti-wind cover and automatic re-igniting Operating Environment Ambient Temperature 5°C to 35°C Storage Temperature -10° C to 55°C Relative Humidity not more that 80% at 35°C Working Place indoor Product Size Dimensions (mm) 560L x 300W x 650H Weight (Kg) 20

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